A small sample of current and past projects

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Vitruvi is a cloud based production accounting software that manages data for a mobile workforce and solves the challenge of integrating key operations and IT systems for large telecommunications developers.

Technologies Used: Angular, Python, git, more

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myStop Mobile

Re-designed and built mobile (iOS & Android) apps for Avail Technologies. Avail provides 'Intelligent Transportation Systems' that connect riders, transportation companies, and their data. The apps use data feeds to build simple real time transit maps, deliver alerts, and share the data with Google Maps.

Technologies Used:, React Native, ES6, Javascript, Git

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Mobile Survey Tool for Monitoring & Evaluation and Nonprofit Impact Reporting

Technologies Used: React Native, React.js, iOS, Android, ES6, Javascript, Git

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Gridwise is an intelligence platform for rideshare and taxi drivers that provides forecasted and real-time insights around rider demand, helping drivers be more efficient and profitable on the road. Designs by Jeremy Kanter.

Technologies Used: React Native, React.js, iOS, Android, ES6, Javascript, Git

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CertifiKid Mobile

Built iOS and Android applications to help CertifiKid drive new customers to their daily deals program. Some 14,000 people utilize the certifikid apps frequently to purchase deals primarily in the D.C. metro area.

Technologies Used: Ionic Framework, Cordova, Angular.js, iOS, Android, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Git

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Project Diana

Project Diana is a bug bounty dashboard being piloted by an Inc. 5000 cybersecurity research firm to help large enterprises identify, triage, and resolve mission critical bugs & security vulnerabilities.

Technologies Used: React.js, ES6, Javascript, HTML5, LESS, Git

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Insurance Skout

Built an intelligent quoting system to help small business health insurance brokers quote prices for their customers in real time. Utilizing a wide array of technologies to process millions of records we built brokers a simple tool to help them get their customers the best prices quickly.

Technologies Used: Angular.js, Firebase, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, ElasticSearch, Go, Ruby (Rails), Git, Heroku, AWS, Postgres

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Eko Communications, Inc

Engineer #1 at Thai based enterprise mobile communications startup. Led platform design & development for both web and mobile applications.

Technologies Used: Angular.js, Node.js, Ionic Framework, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, ElasticSearch, AWS, Redis, MongoDb, Git

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Currently Viewing (For Fun)

Currently viewing was a quick hack day project to test out Firebase real-time data streaming

Technologies Used: Angular.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Firebase, Github, Git

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Animated Text Rotator (For Fun)

A fun little project to animate some text. I saw a website that did something similar and thought it would make a cool codepen.

Technologies Used: Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

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